Bae Beats - node.js Design Winner

With the Node.JS competition my team mate and I were given 48 hours to come up with a site concept, design, and finalized developed product. Our concept is a music sharing website where each week you can promote one song per week. I worked on both the UX / UI design and front-end development. View the winning entry at Bae Beats.

NetworkA iOS App

Network A needed an app that would display their editorial content to users who wanted to frequently get updates and news. I was tasked with designing the app from scratch and worked through initial concept, wireframes, and visual design. The Network A app is availabe on iTunes.

MLG's Video-on-Demand Site

MLG is the #1 network and organization for official video game competitions and esports news. The goal of their video-on-demand site was to attract users and players to a hub where all of the video content would be easily accessible. Check out MLG.TV's VOD site.

Talkz iOS App

The Talkz Messenger is an app designed to make a chat experience that goes above and beyond traditional messaging. My design process had to take into consideration various features including video chat, text-to-speech / speech-to-text messages, group chats, profiles, and more. By necessity the app also was designed for Android, Windows Phone 7, and needed a website experience for viewing shared messages. Talkz Messenger app is availabe on iTunes.

Network A is the first project I worked on at Bedrocket and I still work on it to this day to perfect it's design and various feature flows. I have worked on redesigns of the sites navigation, home feed, activity stream, detail pages, and more. Tools for redesigning these features have included user testing, identifying KPIs, visual UI iterations, and some SCSS / HTML coding. Check out Network A. Voting

The voting feature of Network A is one of the most difficult features we have worked with in terms of user engagement. It has evolved multiple times over the years and I was tasked with turning the voting tool into a fun and usable interaction for users who want to react to NetworkA's content. The tool was coded with CSS animations and JavaScript. Here is a Network A Example Article.

Branding Iterations

Singularity SNYC

Casey's Army Charity Home Page

Casey's Army is a volunteer project done for charity in memory of Casey Doolin. My goal was to create a central hub for the 501c(3) organization and it's news, donation options, memories of Casey, and events. I function as both the main designer and front-end developer. Check out Casey's Army and donate to the cause too!

Casey's Army Charity About Page

Mixset, Digital Turntable

Mixset, DJ Room Session