SnapApp Marketing Platform

Led the product's redesign including the creation of a UI Kit, improved workflows, and updated component architecture.

New features added to the product went through vigorous user testing and client interviews + research.

SnapApp PDF

Designed the SnapApp PDF builder from the ground up to supply marketers with a better lead gating method.

Employed design sprint methodologies to quickly prototype and iterate various versions of the PDF builder.

Boxxspring CMS

While working at Bedrocket Media Ventures I was tasked with designing numerous features for their digital media CMS platform.

Other responsibilities also included working on client requirements for customized styling, design, and layout of branded content experiences across mobile / desktop web and "10 foot" displays.

Talkz Messenger

Tasked with designing layout, workflows, and UI of the Talkz Messenger app across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, & Blackberry. User tested messenger features and user behavior with existing users and alike personas.